OPs JSKs Skirts


BTSSB Velveteen Lace A-line [2001]

Fun fact, this dress is featured in the first GLB

Velveteen black with white lace dress

BTSSB Karami [2018?]

Black tiered babydoll dress

BTSSB Flowers and Tulips Celebration [2008]

Lavender short sleeved dress with bat and sphinx cat print

Heart E Tartan Louise [2007]

Red tartan dress with black top

Angelic Pretty Neon Star Diner [2020]

Kitschy pin up esque dress with neon signs print

Angelic Pretty Original Print [2010]

They don't make print names like they used to

Black dress with polka dots and paris themed print

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie Bustier [2010]

Black dress with pastel multicoloured stripes and cookie and tea print

Cat Romance Junji Ito [2020]

Black dress with harness

Violet Fane The Funeral [2020]

Long black dress with cemetary print

Meta Rabbit Cafe Frill JSK [2015]

Black and white rhombus print dress with rabbits

Angelic Pretty Dolce Tartan Velveteen [2010]

Pink tartan dress with black velveteen detailing

Angelic Pretty Dessert Berry [2018]

Black dress with red strawberries and white lace details

Angelic Pretty Lovely Poodle Special Set [2020]

Red dress with pink polka dots, grey details and poodle print

Angelic Pretty Shirring Tiered [2005]

Red gingham dress

BTSSB Halloween Alice Underbust [2005]

Pink dress with pink velveteen bustier top