I am Kim, known online as Pyuukin. Frills consume my life. In the process of changing my wardrobe at the moment.

I discovered lolita fashion when I was around 12.

At a small Japanese bookstore with my grandfather, a Gothic Lolita Bible catched my eye.

Never had I seen something so beautiful. But alas, my family did not have the funds for an expensive hobby. So I waited.

My life was rough, not a very happy childhood. I found my escapism by searching these beautiful pictures of whimsical women wearing frills. I dreamed I would become like them.

I took all the garbage that was thrown at me and imagined them to transform into those beautiful dreams. I persevered and finally, my life got better. So much better.

Finally, those frills would be mine. As I discovered the fashion in 2006, it had changed. But what made me happy hadn't. I bought my first dress and cried when I put my first coord on.

And now it is my Maiden's Armour.